CASTL Campus Program

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The CASTL Campus Program, coordinated with Carnegie’s partner the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE), organized institutions of all types to cultivate the conditions necessary to support the scholarship of teaching and learning. See a list of participating campuses from 2000 to 2006. Some of the best and most lasting work in the scholarship of teaching and learning has occurred within the context of campus collaboration around shared themes, interests, and values; twelve of these partnerships made up the Campus Program Leadership Clusters from 2002 to 2005. Each Cluster represented a group of institutions committed to collective design, documentation, and dissemination of work in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Below you will find a list of Cluster themes and Leaders, as well as links to "snapshots" created and maintained by each Cluster to provide additional information about their work.

Leadership Clusters

Advancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as a Networked Community Practice

Georgetown University

Critical Thinking for Civic Thinking
University of Akron and Portland State University

Communities of Practice: Pooling Educational Resources to Foster Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Middlesex Community College

Creating a Multi-Institutional Framework to Advance the Practice of Teaching Through Scholarly Inquiry into Student Learning
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & UW System

Mentoring Newer Scholars of Teaching and Learning
Rockhurst University

Organizing to Foster the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Illinois State University

The Research University Consortium for the Advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Indiana University Bloomington

Scholarly Inquiry about Active Pedagogies
Texas Tech University

Scholarship of Multicultural Teaching and Learning
University of Michigan

Scholarship Supporting the Cognitive-Affective Relationship in Teaching and Learning
Oxford College of Emory University

Supporting Scholarly Work at Learning-centered Universities
Malaspina University-College and The University of Portland

Sustaining the Student Voice in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Western Washington University